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Finance Tip: Don’t Live in the United States

As a United States citizen, it makes zero financial sense to live in the United States.

I sort of knew this a few years ago. On July 3, 2015 I flew out of Chicago in route to Chiang Mai, Thailand and experienced this first hand. I paid $150 USD for rent for a place that had a balcony with a view of the mountians and a large pool in an ideal location in a town that is full of energy and my kind of people. My apartment did not have a kitchen but this was uneeded as 90% of my meals cost me between $1 and $5.70 USD.

It does not matter if you are “stuck” in a job. Or in debt. Attending college. Have a 14 month old child. Or 5 kids of various ages.

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We Are Part of the Puzzle

Music is playing in the background. I was clueless of this fact while reading A Chance for Sunny Skies. But for whatever reason, about 15 minutes into my intense reading session, the music entered my conscious mind. I became aware of it. It disrupted my reading.

Did I choose to begin writing this post?

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Free Writing

I hate writing. No, I love it. I hate writing for an audience. No, I love it.

What I really hate is second guessing what I just typed onto the computer screen. Thoughts jump into my head. But they are somewhat random. So I type them out. Then they don’t make sense. Or they don’t sound exactly right. This leads to frustration because instead of continuing to type like I am right now, I stop and edit what I just wrote.

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The $1 Million Shower

The shower is my idea place. I always think of the best, most valuable ideas. I think of things I want to write about, apps I want created and Periscopes I want to do. I think of business ideas too.

For this reason, I love the shower.

Most of the time, my shower ideas drift away. I forget about them. I hate this fact and I want it to change.

So I’m on a mission…

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Indulge In Your Environment

Is writing for me? At this moment, I’m not sure. I’m obsessed with Periscope. But I’m having trouble writing. I LOVE expressing myself. Periscope is more my style. I love the feedback and live interaction. And I love reading. I’d rather be reading right now. But I’m writing because, well, I’m not sure.

In a nutshell, I’m having doubts. Why is this?

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I’m Writing and Publishing

I’m blogging. Again. Or shall I call it journaling? Writing? Publishing? Exploring?

How about thinking out loud?

Any word fits. It simply depends on the perspective of the writer and the reader.

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